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The content of this website is intended as an historical record of Barnards Green Cricket Club, important parts of which are the various photographs which may be taken from time to time and displayed on the site or in the clubhouse.



Dan Flynn scores maiden first-class fifty.

Dan Flynn, late of this parish, scored his first 1st Class 50 for Northern Districts over the weekend.

Excellent news! Well spotted Jezza! Full Scorecard.

Oval Callout: Wow ! A new mower and e-mail as well !!
  Official. Groundsman moves into the 21st Century.

You may have heard “Ask Elvis” on the radio, well now it’s your chance to “Ask Daisy”.

Just email your questions – on any subject you like !


Word is that one of our happy band, ( part-time rambler, initials MH ), had a little trouble the other

day during a lecture. Apparently whilst rambling around the internet he popped into

www.barnardsgreen.com. Soul Limbo starts up, MH can’t work out how to turn it off, lecturer

realises that this music is not coming from the site that they are supposed to be looking at and

kicks him out of the lecture. Mark, here’s a clue ….. click the STOP button next time !!!

How on earth WCCC can have a twenty twenty match on a Saturday during the cricket season

when most of the people attending are club cricketers from the area.?

Senior Nets

Just a reminder that we are back in the nets on Thursday 10th February 6.30pm till 8pm. 

We will be making use of our newly acquired bowling machine for anyone that wishes to

avail themselves of the facility.  There will be a fee of £2 per session payable on the night.
Quiz Night.

The cricket section are having a quiz night at the club on 12th March starting at 7,45pm.

You’ll need to organise yourselves into teams of 4 with an entry fee of £10 per team.

When asked whether “Magnus” would be the host, the organisers stated that they ..

“could neither confirm or deny the rumour”. Meanwhile Matt Brookes was last seen perusing

the biography section at Malvern library in an effort to discover

“which England football manager was born in a workshop”. If you, like Matt, struggle to find

the answer then email the website or ask any member of the 2003 South Devon tourists to

enlighten you.

The long awaited review of the league winning 1st XI’s 2004 season has finally

reached us and you can read it here.
2005 Fixtures

The Saturday and Evening League Fixtures for the coming season are now available

and can be found on the website in the normal place.

Colts’ website gets underway

At the recent Colts’ AGM a number of people expressed a wish to have a section od

the website devoted to the Colts. This has now been put in place and anyone having

any information relevant to the Junior section is asked to send it through to us.

Cookley here we come!

The initial fixtures have been released for the 2005 season

And the first league match for the first and second X1’s will be Cookley.

I Reckon……

… It’s only 12 weeks until the start of the season!

Make a note…  Indoor nets start 10th February 2005 at Hanley Castle.

New Club rule, ( courtesy of Smeds ), states “ no nets -  no selection ! “


Return to Nottingham.

Following the success of last year’s training weekend, Smeds is organising a return visit

to Trent Bridge. The provisional dates are 19th/20th March. If you are interested then

please contact Smeds with a deposit of £20 as soon as possible.

Colts AGM

The Colts AGM will take place on Sunday 16th Janaury at The Club at 8.00pm.

All are welcome.

In order to make the coming season as successful as the last we need to enlist the help of as

many people as possible. With well over 100 registered Colts then inevitably there is a great deal of

assistance needed. If you feel that you would like to help in any way then please let us know.

From our Powick correspondent…..

Members may be interested to note the comments from the linesman involved in not awarding

a goal to Spurs against Man Utd in last Tuesday’s premiership clash.

“ I would have to have run like Linford Christie to have seen that !”

The linesman was one Rob Lewis.

Enough said!.


All that turkey, pud and beer needs shifting so get down to the gym.

Remember that special rates at Planet Fitness have been negotiated by Steve Metcalfe

and indoor nets will be upon us very soon. Contact Richard at Planet on 01684 577333

or Metttie on 07714 159868.


An impassioned plea from one of our members requesting information about the overseas player.

“Ok then who is it?  

Rebecca Rolls? Rebecca Steele? Lisa Keightley? Melanie Jones? Belinda Clark?

Or maybe Lopamudra Bhattacharj ??? 

Please let me know, they can stay at my house!!!!! “



Is there any truth?

Regarding the coming season’s overseas player’s sexuality, it

is rumoured that Messrs JackieBoy and Smeds have been seen

in the company of a number of qualifying females.

Read on …….

Five members of an Indian women's club cricket team from Punjab

on tour in the United Kingdom have "disappeared" police sources said on Tuesday.

The women, all in their early twenties, went missing from two houses

in predominantly Asian dominated Hounslow, in west London,

where they were staying with eight other players.The team from Jalandhar

arrived on August 10 on a three-week visa with a full schedule of matches

but played only twice in Worcestershire before the five disappeared on August 12.

According to a report in the Evening Standard today one was seen carrying luggage

and getting into a car with two men at about 5 pm. The other four told team mates

they were going to visit someone but were never seen again. A spokesman of the

Indian High Commission, Navdeep Suri, said that they had read the report

and were verifying the facts. According to the report all the five left their passports

behind.Sergeant Vince Harte from Hounslow's missing persons unit said:

"There was talk of this mysterious man appearing and the girls going off with him

but after enquiries it appears they knew him and it may have been all pre-arranged."

News from the AGM.

At the recent AGM which Chairman Bob Rogers congratulated all teams on an excellent season

which saw the First XI win their league and promotion to the 2nd division and the 3rd XI

under Cyril Dean gain promotion to division 6 having won their league. The 2nd XI were

runners up in their league and the singles finished fifth. Further silverware came from the

evening league team and the league knockout. Thanks were expressed to the groundstaff,

tea ladies and June the club steward with particular thanks to all Club Sponsors without whom

the clubs success would not be possible as through their generous sponsorship, the club can

now boast some of the best facilities in the county, which has seen the progression of many

colts through into senior level cricket.  Thanks were also expressed to Dick Brown who was

standing down after 10 successful years as 2nd XI captain.


Captains for the 2005 season were elected as follows

Sat 1st XI        Chris Smedley

Sat 2nds            Phil Spencer

Sat 3rds            Andy Hoddy

Sat Singles        Kevin Ratcliffe

Sun 1sts            Kevin Golder

Sun 2nds            TBC

Eve Lge            Tim Clarke



At this year’s AGM held at The Club, members voted overwhelmingly to

accept a woman as next season’s overseas player. The identity cannot be

revealed here but you can email the site for further details.

Chris Hill was, in his absence, thanked for the very generous and most sumptuous

buffet and Robbie Lewis was less late than usual.


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