Barnards Green Cricket Club
Colts Section
North End Lane,
01684 575962



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The Green has over 150 colts, (that’s what Junior cricketers are called), registered with the club.

Many of our colts already play for the senior sides on Saturdays and Sundays.

The  website will keep you up to date with what’s happening at the club, telling you about training 

and coaching sessions, teams and matches, reports and pictures. So make sure you keep coming back.

The Green gives all children, the chance to learn, play and most of all enjoy the game of cricket.
You can join The Green when you’re really young and you can still be playing cricket when you’re really old.



Please remember that if you do not wish to be included in any photographs which may be taken at training

sessions or matches then you or your parents/guardians must let us know in advance.

Dates and times for our winter 2017 / spring 2018 training sessions will be published on our facebook site
as soon as they are available.

 Keep in touch. Do we have your up-to-date contact details?
In order that our Colt’s Managers, can stay in touch with all of our young players and let you know about forthcoming events,

training sessions etc, it’s important that we have your correct details. .If you are one of our “Old Colts” and have been with us a while then please keep in touch

with us and let us know if you have changed address. Remember always to let your parents know that you are contacting us!

In order that we can let you know what's happening it would be helpful if you could make sure that we have your
up-to-date contact detail. So, if you have moved, or changed your phone number then let us know by email
or via the
contact form on the website. As always, makes sure that your parents know if you are contacting us.


Unsupervised use of facilitles etc

BGCC is a "members only" club and the nets and other facilities are for the use of club members only.

As a REGISTERED MEMBER of The Green you will be entitled to make use

of the Club's facilities, including the nets at most times during the season.
Please remember ALWAYS to wear protective clothing, (helmet, pads, box, gloves etc ), when batting in the nets

The club stewards and ground staff may challenge anyone at The Green to prove their entitlement to be on the premises

and ALL CLUB MEMBERS should therefore carry their club membership card with them when on the premises.

Remember - the staff do not know all members by sight and for insurance reasons will err on the side of caution!

Colts members have their cards issued by the colts section. If you cannot find your card then let us know as soon as possible.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with us.


 email us.