Barnards Green Cricket Club - Pictures Page

Not this time Graham!

Did the 3rd team Captain bite off more than he could chew?

Dan Flynn on his way to 78 not out against Hagley.

"I'm gonna put the next ball through the same hole!"

Job done. Kev Golder and Dan Flynn after chasing down 149 against Hagley.

Mathew gazes lovingly at Daniel and wonders if he'll ever get to play with him in the middle.

Tense? Mois?

Top teas at The Green.

Wow. That's a big one!

Oops! Missed one ( for a change ).

"Line and length old boy. That's all you need."

All grace and poise at Kiddy, then Robin came to the wicket

 to batter his way to 79.

The twins have a mid-wicket conference. Twin 1 was run out on 22. Twin 2 got 122 not out!

Robbie relaxes in the idylic surroundings at Chester Road.

Glastonbury? No, just another gorgeous summers day at The Green.