Barnards Green Cricket Club – Pictures Page

The above three  pictures were kindly provided by

Stephen Eyers Of Kidderminster Victoria Cricket Club









Action shot of the summer

Jez at Dominies.










Sampling the food and drink

on Disco night




















Some of the cricketing talent

 on display  during the summer fundraiser at The Green.











Mick rests his eyes

before going in to bat.









Birthday Girl !!

Dave Price receives his man of the match trophy from Andy Lamb at Stoke Gabriel





Action ? from the ladies

 match against Bushley

Does my bum look big in this?





Quiet and reserved as ever,

Jez on karaoke night.







I hope the folks back home realise

 what a quiet and sober time

 I’m having over here



















Rich Williams:

“Sometimes it can be lonely being Captain”









                   Rich Brown:

“Sometimes it can be lonely

 just being me!”


















“I’m not allowed to be alone!”










“I’m never alone, ‘cos I

  buy a jug every week”














“I know Sherlie likes to give it some air, but that’s ridiculous.

I don’t reckon it’s ever gonna come down!”










“I bowl that way because I can’t see

a thing through these stupid shades.”
















I just can’t see a thing …..!!!!!!

( just keep holding me up boys

until he takes the photo)!





Social side celebrate after reclaiming their Trophy from The C.L.O.G.S.